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Why Use RVA Recruiting Services?

In short, because it’s easy, effective, and will produce a superior new hire to any other talent search method.

When you need to fill a vacancy on your team, our recruiting service will make the process smoother and easier. We will present you with talent that would not likely reply to an advertisement or job posting. You have a department to run, but we can give your search all the time and attention it needs. This way you don’t have to leaf through 100 bad resumes. Instead, you can look only at the best performers in your industry.

Our candidates already know how to do the job you’re looking to fill, and can hit the ground running once they start. That means a rapid learning/training process that allows you to focus on your departmental goals rather than spending all your time training a “newbie.”

When you hire a professionally recruited, vetted, and proven candidate, the difference is night and day.

Here’s where we shine:

Engaging Talent – Almost everyone has some kind of online presence. Our job in today’s employment market is not simply to send you a list of names. Our job is to dive deep, single out top performers who meet your criteria, engage them and present your opportunity to them in a way that inspires action.

Vetting Talent – Our vetting process helps you make a well-informed hiring decision. Do they have the skills you need? What logistical realities will impact their decision? Are they tire kickers or serious job seekers? Any red flags? What would make them want to jump to “the greener grass?”

Career Change Guidance – We’ll minimize risks in the hiring process by guiding the candidate through interviewing, to accepting your offer, resigning from their current job, completing pre-hire background and physical checks, and getting the compensation right on target for all parties. For many people, they only do these things once or twice in a decade – we do it every day! We will help you get your person on board.

A Few Details:
  • Our fee is an agreed-upon percentage of the new hire’s first year income, backed by a guarantee (call for more details!).
  • We can work in any field from manufacturing, to healthcare, sales, retail, engineering, marketing, IT and creative fields, and more.
  • We can conduct a confidential search if needed
  • The better we understand your position, company, and why it’s great to work there, the more efficient we’ll be in getting candidates excited to pursue the role!